Painting Wicker… Step 1 of a boys room make over

I have been searching for the perfect inspiration for my son’s room. I am always drawn to the “older” boy rooms but I also wanted him to have a colorful fun space. I’m still a little torn about this. Right outside of Talan’s room is the soon to be Playroom. I decided I keep Talan’s room a little more subtle and make the playroom the colorful-fun room (real life… the only time Talan spends in his room is when we are changing him or putting him to bed).

When I saw this boys room on Pinterest I was SOLD!


I love everything about the industrial/vintage style going on in this room.

Here is where the wicker comes in….

Bryan had a dresser that was sitting in my “Pinterest” room (more to come on that room later). It was a hand-me-down from one of his college roommates. Surprisingly well built and in fairly good condition. But wicker isnt really the look I was going for. 

But I thought the desk in my inspiration picture and the wicker dresser looked similar in texture – kinda, maybe, sort of?

 room inspiration with arrow

Soo I prepared to turn the wicker dresser into the desk from my inspiration room.

Here is the dresser BEFORE:

This was one of the first furniture make overs I had attempted. I did not do all the things I probably should have. I literally wiped the whole dresser down and started painting.

Yep - no primer.

Work in progress…


I used a gray sample can of paint I already had to paint all the wicker. I painted the medal frame with a mat black paint I had on hand as well. Lastly, I had a Martha Stewart glaze I brushed on sporadically to create a similar look to my inspiration picture. 

Here is how it turned out. Over all I really like how it turned out.




>>I ntoiced that there is one knob missing. Its the knob I took to the store thinking I might just buy all new knobs. I painted them instead = FREE!

So far the paint looks brand new, no chipping or anything (and I painted this in May of 2012).

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